Goonstation 13 - Modules - Types


/area/cordonUnless you are an admin, you may not pass GO nor collect $200
/area/build_zonecurrently for z4 just so people don't teleport in there randomly
/_is_abstract/area/stationBase station area
/area/research_outpostOff-station research outpost. Used for Cog2.
/area/listeningpostNukeops listening post
/area/salvager_spaceUsed to allow the exterior of the Magpie to render parallax layers.
/area/syndicate_stationNukeops spawn station
/area/syndicate_station_spaceUsed to allow the exterior of the Cairngorm to render parallax layers.
/area/wizard_stationWizard den area for the wizard shuttle spawn
/_is_abstract/area/station/turret_protectedTurret protected areas, will activate AI turrets to pop up when entered, and vice-versa when exited.
/_is_abstract/area/miningold mining outpost
/area/prison/cell_block/wardsUsed for the admin holding cells.
/area/shamecubeShamecube area, applied on the admin command. Blocks entry.
/area/shamecube/unshamefulcubeUnshame cube area, replaces the previous shamecube area.
/area/janitor_setpieceadhara setpiece
/area/reginanew merchant areas
/area/pawnshopAreas That Walp Uses For Gimmick Maps To Load In
/area/station/devzoneFor Devtest testing purposes