Goonstation 13 - Modules - Types


/var/station_areas All the accessible areas on the station in one convenient place
/var/area_list_is_up_to_date The station_areas list is up to date. If something changes an area, make sure to set this to 0
/var/switched_objs Contains objects in ID-based switched object groups, such as blinds and their switches
/var/logs Loooooooooogs
/var/compid_file The file holding computer ID information
/var/do_compid_analysis Should we be analysing the comp IDs of new clients?
/var/dont_init_space When toggled on creating new /turf/space will be faster but they will be slightly broken used when creating new z-levels
/var/valid_icon_states Icon states that exist for a given icon ref. Format is valid_icon_states[icon] = list(). Populated by is_valid_icon_state(), used for caching.
/proc/getItemIcon Generates item icons for manufacturers and other things, used in UI dialogs. Sends to client if needed.
/proc/sendItemIcons Sends all of the item icons to a client. Kinda gross, but whatever.
/proc/sendItemIconsToAll Sends all item icons to all clients. Used at world startup to preload things.