Goonstation 13 - Modules - Types


/var/triggerVars This contains the names of the trigger lists on materials. Required for copying materials. Remember to keep this updated if you add new triggers.
/proc/getMaterial Returns one of the base materials by id.
/proc/copyMaterial Returns a copy of a given material.
/proc/handleTriggerGenerations Increases generations on material triggers and handles removal if over the generation cap.
/proc/getFusedTriggers Fuses two material trigger lists.
/proc/getFusedMaterial Merges two materials and returns result as new material.
/proc/getInterpolatedName Merges two material names into one.
/proc/getMatFailString Returns a string for when a material fail or breaks depending on its material flags.
/proc/getMatFlagString Translates a material flag into a string.
/proc/getQualityName Simply returns a string for a given quality. Used as prefix for objects.
/proc/matchesMaterialRecipe Checks if a material matches a recipe and returns the recipe if a match is found. returns null if nothing matches it.
/proc/hasParentMaterial Searches the parent materials of the given material, up to a given generation, for an id.
/proc/applyCableMaterials Yes hello apparently we need a proc for this because theres a million types of different wires and cables.