Goonstation 13 - Modules - Types


/datum/action/bar/private/icon/sap_powerSap Power Arcfiend's main method of obtaining electrcity for their abilities Also serves as a deadly attack if able to catch a target alone and off guard
/datum/targetable/arcfiend/dischargeDischarge Melee attack, unleash stored charge to burn a target and blast them backwards
/datum/targetable/arcfiend/jamming_fieldJamming Field Makes you into a walking radio jammer for 30 seconds
/datum/targetable/arcfiend/arcFlashArc Flash A ranged chain lightning attack
/datum/targetable/arcfiend/joltJolt Killing skill, also decent damage even if you don't finish. The final tick induces cardiac arrest
/datum/targetable/arcfiend/polarizePolarize Applies the magnetic aura effect to nearby mobs