Goonstation 13 - Modules - Types


/var/phrase_log This system keeps a logged list of player-created phrases of various categories. The lists are cross-round. Useful for stuff like hallucinations etc. If the number of phrases in a category exceeds src.max_length random phrases get thrown out to reduce the size when saving. Currently logged categories: say - people talking whisper - people whispering pda - pda messages deadsay - ghosts talking ailaw - custom AI laws record - custom radio station record names emote - custom emotes prayer - prayers name-X - player chosen name for X where X is from the set {blob, ai, cyborg, clown, mime, wizard, ...} vehicle - vehicle names (via a bottle of Champagne) sing - people singing pill - custom pill name bottle - custom obttle name voice-mimic - voices used by the changeling mimic voice ability voice-radiostation - voices used by the radio station voice synthesizer telepathy - messages sent through the telepathy genetics ability bot-X - custom bot name, X is from the set {camera, fire, guard, med, sec} (I bet you didn't even know you could rename bots with a pen, huh) name-bee - custom bee / bee larva name name-critter - custom critter name (you can rename those with a pen too, whoa) seed - custom botany seed name paper - stuff people write on papers crayon-queue - crayon queue mode inputs