Goonstation 13 - Modules - Types


/_is_abstract/obj/vehicleVehicle parent
/obj/vehicleRider is basically the "driver" of the vehicle Sanity variable to prevent the vehicle from crashing multiple times due to a single collision Does the vehicle have air conditioning? (check /datum/lifeprocess/bodytemp in for details) Can we see the driver from outside of the vehicle? (used for overlays) Storage for the ability buttons after initialization List of types of ability buttons to be initialized See /mob/proc/drop_item() in and /atom/movable/proc/throw_at in Whether any attack with an item that has a force value will immediately eject the rider (only works if rider_visible is true) Speed, lower is faster, minimum of MINIMUM_EFFECTIVE_DELAY Do we go through space? What overlay icon do we use for the booster upgrade? (we have to initialize this in New)
/obj/vehicle/segwayNumber of light cycles currently left to perform Number of times our lights cycle with each press of the siren button
/obj/vehicle/catRideable cats
/obj/vehicle/adminbus/battlebusBattle Bus