Goonstation 13 - Modules - Types


/obj/machinery/manufacturerThis is used to make icon state changes cleaner by setting it to "fab-[icon_base]" appended in get_desc() to the base description, to make subtype definitions cleaner How much power is consumed while active? This is determined automatically when the unit starts a production cycle This is a timer and not a true/false; it's decremented every process() tick This is a bitflag used to track wire states, for hacking and such. Replace it with something cleaner if an option exists when you're reading this :p Used as a cache when outputting messages to users Used when deducting payment for ores from a Rockbox This is an antispam timer to prevent autoclickers from lagging the server Base class for material pieces that the manufacturer accepts. Keep this as material pieces only unless you're making larger changes to the system The amount of each free resource that the manufacturer comes preloaded with See free_resource_amt; this is the list of resources being populated from A list of every option available in this unit subtype by default Options gained from scanned blueprints Options provided by an inserted manudrive These options are available by default, but can't be printed unless the machine is hacked
/obj/machinery/manufacturer/gascogwerks - a gas extractor for the engine
/obj/item/paper/manufacturer_blueprintManufacturer blueprints can be read by any manufacturer unit to add the referenced object to the unit's production options. If non-zero, the name and description of this blueprint will be overriden on New() with standardized values
/obj/item/paper/manufacturer_blueprint/resonator_type_axNadir Resonators
/obj/item/cloner_blueprints_folderThis is a special item that breaks apart into blueprints for the machines needed to build/repair a cloner.
/proc/build_manufacturer_icons Pre-build the icons for things manufacturers make