Goonstation 13 - Modules - Types


/proc/attenuate_for_location returns 0 to 1 based on air pressure in turf
/proc/playsound_global Plays a sound to some clients without caring about its source location and stuff. target can be either a list of clients or a list of mobs or world or an area or a z-level number.
/var/sb_tricks Types of sounds: AMBIENCE_LOOPING, AMBIENCE_FX_1, and AMBIENCE_FX_2 Holds the associated sound channel we want Determines if we are repeating or not Should the sound set the wait var? pool of precached sounds
/proc/csound Soundcache NEVER use these sounds for modifying. This should only be used for sounds that are played unaltered to the user. @param text name the name of the sound that will be returned @return sound