Goonstation 13 - Modules - Types


The system has gotten a bit convoluted so im gonna write down some notes here to help people.

How do i add new Material trigger procs?
  • Add a new datum for it in the [] file
  • Make sure the signature for the execute proc matches what will be passed in. See the [] file and the calling procs therein - for example "triggerOnLife" - to find the signatures.
  • In the New proc of the material datum, do something like addTrigger(triggersOnAdd, new /datum/materialProc/erebite_flash())
How do i add a new Trigger?
  • Add a list and a calling proc for it in the base material definition
  • Add the name of the list to triggerVars in
  • Add the required handling for the new trigger in the getFusedMaterial proc in - See the existing ones for an example.
  • Make sure the calling proc you created in step one is called from somewhere in the game.
  • If possible, make sure that the call for your new trigger has the object owning the material or a relevant entity as its first argument.
How do i add a new material flag?
  • Add it in []
  • Add the handling for it in the getFusedMaterial proc in []
  • Give it a name in getMatFlagString in []

Tensile Strength: How much a material can be stretched before it snaps

Compressive Strength: How much a material can resist being crushed

Shear Strength: Essentially resistance to being cut or abrased

Ductility: How much it can be fucked with until it is permanently deformed

Toughness: How much force it can absorb without fracturing