Goonstation 13 - Modules - Types


/proc/rc_buildentry Small helper proc to simplify basic contract entry creation. Accepts the path to the entry datum, and the count (in whatever unit it uses) to require.
/datum/rc_entryRequisition contract entry: analyzes things passed to it, returns whether they were needed, and is checked for completion at end of analyses.
/datum/rc_entry/foodFood item entry, used to properly detect food integrity.
/datum/rc_entry/stackStackable item entry. Remarkably, used for items that can be stacked.
/_is_abstract/datum/rc_entry/reagentReagent entry. Searches for reagents in sent objects, consuming any suitable reagent containers until the quantity is satisfied.
/_is_abstract/datum/rc_entry/seedSeed entry. Searches for seeds of the correct crop name, typically matching a particular genetic makeup.
/datum/rc_itemrewardItem reward datum optionally used in contract creation. Should generally return an object, or set of objects that makes sense as a list entry (i.e. "fast food meal" for a burger, fries and soda). To use: in a contract's New(), instantiate one of these and add it to src.item_rewarders.
/datum/req_contractThe primary datum for requisitions contracts. Top level contains cargo handling data, payout data, item reward generators if present, and formatted descriptions for the QM requisitions menu.