Goonstation 13 - Modules - Types


/datum/req_contract/scientificScientific contracts are a class of standard (market-listed) contract. Of the contract types, these should typically lean more heavily on unusual materials or ones that require a sophisticated acquisition process. This doesn't have to be limited to what the science department puts out; if a researcher somewhere wants it, that could be a contract.
/datum/rc_entry/stack/fibrilith_minpriceIdentifier of the "prototypist", using defines set up above; associated with what category of product is being developed by the client. Identifier of the prototypist's goal, using defines set up above. Prototyping goals are developing a novel product; this should be something you can't get anywhere else with a distinct capability. Manufacture goals are upgrading production for an existing product; these should reward multiple already-existing items (can be dissimilar). Refinement goals are improving quality or material use efficiency of an existing product; this can sometimes be novel, and sometimes just a high-tier item.