Goonstation 13 - Modules - Types


/obj/item/reagent_containers/foodAmount this food heals for when eaten Amount of space this takes up in a stomach Which utensil we need to use to eat this Color for various food items Can it be used to make custom food like for pizzas Amount of cheer this food adds/subtracts when eaten Add medal name here in the format of e.g. "That tasted funny". Was this food created by an emagged oven? To prevent re-rolling of food in emagged ovens. Will ants spawn to eat this food if it's on the floor Has this food already spawned ants Can this food be sliced with a knife Type to spawn when we slice this food How many slices to spawn after slicing If the food is inert while slicing (ie chemical reactions won't occur) When we want to name them slices or wedges or what-have-you Has this already reacted when being digested How digested is this while in stomach How digested something needs to be before it dissolves