Goonstation 13 - Modules - Types


/obj/item/reagent_containersif true, container will accept beaker lids. lids should not go onto containers that aren't open the lid applied to the container
/proc/ui_describe_reagents Returns a serialized representation of the reagents of an atom for use with the ReagentInfo TGUI components Note that this is not a built in TGUI proc
/obj/item/reagent_containers/glass/condenserthe containers currently connected to the condenser
/obj/item/reagent_containers/synthflesh_pustulehow much blood to remove per process tick, medium pustule is very fast how much chemical you get per unit of chemical in synthflesh organ multiplier
/obj/item/bunsen_burnerhow much the bunsen burner heats per processing tick how hot the container will have to be before it stops heating