Goonstation 13 - Modules - Types


/_is_abstract/datum/component/hallucinationGeneric hallucination effects - subclass for fancy effects
/datum/component/hallucination/trippy_colorsTrippy colors - apply an RGB swap to client's vision
/datum/component/hallucination/random_soundRandom sound - play a sound from a list with a prob per life tick
/datum/component/hallucination/random_imageRandom image - hallucinate an image on a visible tile with prob per life tick
/datum/component/hallucination/fake_attackFake attack - hallucinate being attacked by something
/datum/component/hallucination/random_image_overrideRandom image override - hallucinate an image on a filtered atom either in or out of view in range with prob per life tick, with an option to add as overlay or replace the icon