Goonstation 13 - Modules - Types


/datum/targetableDoes this need a target? If FALSE, ability is performed instantly Can we target absolutely anything? Can we target items in our inventory? Can we target godmoded mobs? Can we target observers if we see them (ectogoggles)? See comment in /atom/movable/screen/ability. If FALSE, bypass holder lock when we cast this spell. Can we cast this spell when the holder is locked? Are we prohibited from casting this spell in 1 (all of Z2) or 2 (only the VR)? Does this check for range at all? Targeting stays active after using spell if this is 1. click button again to disable the active spell. If TRUE, Ability will stick to cursor even if ability goes on cooldown after first cast. If TRUE, we will interrupt any action bars running with the INTERRUPT_ACT flag if TRUE, cooldowns will be handled after action bars have ended. Needs action to call afterAction() on end.