Goonstation 13 - Modules - Types


/datum/cloner_defect_holderHolds all the cloner defects for a person, as well as the weighted list of possible defects
/datum/cloner_defectWho has this defect? Weight of this effect when rolled against other effects in the same pool (minor/major). Default is 100. Name of this defect for. medical scans or something, I dunno. Maybe let the geneticist's scanner thing see them? Same as above- for scans or whatever Can we get this defect multiple times? How severe is this effect? (Currently just major and minor)
/datum/cloner_defect/ouchSome random brute/burn damage after cloning.
/datum/cloner_defect/missing_limbLose a random limb after cloning
/datum/cloner_defect/allergicGet some histamine after cloning
/_is_abstract/datum/cloner_defect/missing_organLose a random organ after cloning
/datum/cloner_defect/random_mutantraceSet to a random (safe) mutantrace after cloning Holds their original mutantrace type so we can change them back if the defect is removed
/_is_abstract/datum/cloner_defect/maxhealth_downMax health decrease
/datum/cloner_defect/puritanYou become a puritan- no more clonings for you! (unless the docs are really solid)
/datum/cloner_defect/arm_swapLeft and right arms are swapped, making them both initially useless TODO actually implement
/datum/cloner_defect/explosiveJust fucking explode. probably a bad idea. TODO maybe make it so if they're healed to max they don't explode? CURRENTLY DISABLED
/datum/cloner_defect/clumsyAdd some kind of 'clumsy' mutation/trait
/datum/cloner_defect/face_disfiguredSets seen name to 'unknown' (until repaired with synthflesh)
/datum/cloner_defect/voice_disfiguredSets heard voice to 'unknown' (until repaired with synthflesh)
/datum/cloner_defect/sprint_flopMakes you fall over when you sprint too hard (pug thing)